Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Disaster recovery tips for your business...

Paul Beers

Tips To Help Mitigate Damage and Disruption to Your Business

By Paul Beers, GCI Consultants

Are you prepared for a natural disaster at your business? What about a water leak that floods your offices or business in the middle of the night? Or a bad storm that causes damage and water penetration through your building's roof or windows? 

A little planning and preparation now can save you lots of wasted time and money later, not to mention being able to sleep at night without the worry of a significant disruption to your business operations. 

In this article, Paul provides 10 valuable storm readiness tips for your business. Most of these tips apply not just to potential storm damage, but to all other types of possible unplanned disruptions. 

All small business owners should have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place, and this article provides valuable input for you to either develop a plan or improve and validate your current one. 

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