Monday, April 25, 2016

Paul Beers - Founder of GCI Consultants

Paul E. Beers established GCI Consultants in 1988. GCI provides specialized consulting services for new and existing buildings worldwide.

Simply put, they are solvers and preventers of almost any building envelope problem. They help their clients identify and resolve existing performance problems such as water leaks, glazing or wall system problems, or roofing issues with cost-effective solutions. They work closely with building owners, architects, engineers and builders to prevent future problems during the design and construction phases.

Paul and his team recently launched the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast

Everything Building Envelope is a dedicated podcast and video forum for understanding the building envelope. This podcast series discusses current trends and issues that contractors, developers and building owners have to deal with related to pre and post construction. The series touches on various topics related to water infiltration, litigation and construction methods related to the building envelope.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Paul for The How of Business podcast. In this episode Paul shares his the story of his entrepreneurial journey and tips and advice for running and growing a successful business and consulting company. 

Listen to Paul's interview episode:
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