Monday, May 23, 2016

New Episodes: Franchising, Call-to-Action Marketing, Online Marketing & Live Streaming!

Three new episodes of The How of Business podcast released today:

Episode 011 - Kit Vinson Interview
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In this episode we interview Kit Vinson, owner of FranMan, and an export on franchising. If you are considering offering franchises and becoming a franchisor, then this episode is for you.  

"At Franchise Manuals (FranMan), we’ll focus our resources on your operations manual so you can focus your resources on your franchise system."

Episode 012 - Call To Action Marketing
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Henry Lopez and David Begin discuss Call-to-Action Marketing for small business

What is Call to Action or Direct Response Marketing? Advertising with the specific purpose of enticing a direct action (i.e. visit your business or call you today) on the part of your customer within a short period of time.

Episode 013 - Alessandra Colaci Interview
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In this episode we interview Alessandra Colaci, owner of FranMan, founder of Influence Buz, specializing in online marketing strategy, building an active online community, analytics planning and implementation, and creating more visibility for your business. In this interview we also dive into Live Streaming, and using video content to promote your small business. 

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