Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Virtual Office Services

As a small business owner or solopreneur you balance multiple roles - or all of them - in your business. You are the founder and CEO, and you may also be responsible for Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance, and more. And of course, there is the actual day-to-day running of your business and serving customers and clients. 

How do you balance all of these responsibilities and still manage to focus on the most important aspect of your business, which is in all likelihood related to getting and keeping customers?

I refer to all of those other low-value, but necessary tasks (like paying the bills, and running payroll, and managing the website), as the "noise" of the business. It has to get done, and done well, but it sure would be great if it wasn't you who has to do it all!

That's where Virtual Office Services come to the rescue. This category of outsourced services includes the traditional virtual offices which have been around for some time. But this category has expanded significantly in recent years, fueled in part by advances and proliferation of underlying technologies. 

Virtual Office Services include:
  • Virtual Office Services (business address, phone answering services...)
  • Physical Office Space (executive suites, conference rooms...)
  • Accounting & HR Services (accounts payable, payroll, human resources...)
  • Assistants (virtual and semi-virtual)
  • Marketing Assistance

On the latest episode of The How of Business podcast we interviewed Tobie Beck with PrideGroupCo

Tobie is the Executive Director at PrideGroupCo, and the "Chaos Management Expert" for her clients!

They provide virtual assistant, virtual office space and physical office space for small business owners. In addition to traditional virtual office services, they also offer bookkeeping, payroll solutions, project management, and much more.

Episode 017 - Virtual Office Services Expert: Tobie Beck
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