Monday, July 11, 2016

Tim Sanders Interview

In this episode we interview Tim Sanders, Sales & Leadership Keynote Speaker and New York Times bestselling author of 5 books, which have been translated into over a dozen languages!
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Tim shares valuable tips, advice and insights for small business owners. His latest book, Dealstorming, is about using a  structured, scalable, repeatable process that can break through any sales (or other business challenge) deadlock. It's brainstorming with a lot more process around it. He calls it “a Swiss Army knife for today’s toughest sales challenges.” It fixes the broken parts of the brainstorming process and reinvigorates account management and business owners for today's increasingly complicated sales environment and businesses.

As Tim explains, the main idea behind the book is that it’s getting complicated to make a sale, keep a client or raise money for your business. To solve all the problems and stand out from the crowd, innovation is required at every step of the journey. And here’s the key: Genius is a team sport.

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