Monday, August 15, 2016

Hiring Remarkable Employees

One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is hiring and retaining remarkable employees

If you have a business with employees, then your ability to execute and grow is dependent on the quality and motivation of your staff.

The hiring and on-boarding process is often time consuming and frustrating. While it's arguably part art and part science (or process), there are definitely steps you can take to improve the overall outcome. Which in turn, greatly improves the likelihood of success for your small business. 

As busy small business owners, we often rush the hiring process, wanting to get it done quickly so we can get back to operating our business. We also consider the task completed once we have hired a new employee. The process of hiring employees, after all, is probably not why we wanted to become our own boss!

It's impossible to operate a remarkable business - a successful business that delivers consistently great service - without employees who are properly trained and motivated and the right fit for your organization. To accomplish this you need a comprehensive system that supports the entire employee life cycle - from recruiting through the exit interview. And the first concept to adopt as a small business owner is that the process does not end at the hire!

We recently released a couple of episodes of The How of Business Podcast on the topic of hiring for a small business. Episode 29 [listen here] introduces the topic of hiring remarkable employees, and focuses on job descriptions, job postings, candidate screening, and the interview process. In episode 31 [listen here], we continue the discussion and focus on assessment tools and the 2-step interview process we use at our small businesses. 

The How of Business Podcast
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Henry Lopez & David Begin discuss small business topics, and offer advice and tips based on their experience with owning various small businesses over the past 25 years. They also interview other successful entrepreneurs and professionals, who share their stories and advice for other small business owners. This podcast is currently available on iTunes, Stitcher and The How of Business website.
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