Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jessica Rhodes - Small Business Owner & Podcaster

Jessica Rhodes enjoyed a successful career in the corporate world before starting her first home-based business. 

She offered virtual assistant services in her first small business venture, and soon identified the emerging needs of the podcasting industy. This led to her next business - Interview Connections.

Interview Connections provides services for podcasters, and those who want to be guests on a podcast. She connects shows and guests, and also helps podcasters get better at what they do.

Jessica continues to operate and grow her business in a way that allows her the freedom to spend time at home with her family. This freedom of time is one of the greatest benefits she derives from being her own boss.

In episode 41 of The How of Business Podcast, Jessica shares her entrepreneur story and tips & advice for other small business owners. She explains how she built and now operates a business that allows her to continue as a stay-at-home-mom. She also shares great insights on how other small business owners are using podcasting to start a grow a business. 
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