Monday, September 19, 2016

Small Business Exit Strategy

Do you have an Exit Strategy for your small business?

Randy Long is our guest on episode 40 of the How of Business podcast. 

Randy is an entrepreneur, CPA, Attorney, Financial Planner and an expert on the topic of small business exit strategy.

An exit strategy plan prepares your business for an exit, which may include the sale of your business or the transition to your heirs.

The exit event may be planned - selling you small business or passing it to the next generation - or it may be unplanned as in the case of an untimely death. It's critical for the on-going success of your business that there be a plan in place to keep the business going in your absence. 

Randy helps entrepreneurs develop and execute business exit strategies and plans. He also helps small business owner maximize their returns when they sell their business.

In addition to his successful business, Randy is also the author of the book "The BraveHeart Exit - 7 Steps to Your Family Business Legacy", an excellent book for all small business owners. 

For more details on this episode, or for a link to purchase the book, please visit the Show Notes Page


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