Thursday, September 1, 2016

Vending Franchise Owner - Matt Miller

Matt Miller is an entrepreneur, and founder of School Spirit Vending – a franchise business that helps schools and their clubs and organizations raise money through vending.

After graduating from the Air Force Academy, Matt was an Air Force pilot. After retiring from the Air Force he went on to a successful sales career, and eventually starting his own business.

As Matt explains, it all started with a gum ball machine! A friend introduced him to the gum ball vending business, and that side business grew into his current business - School Spirit Vending. 

His franchise business offers a great opportunity to start a small business on the side, while you keep your day job. It allows you to develop and alternate income stream, with a relatively low investment and reduced risk. 

We recently had the opportunity to interview Matt on our podcast, The How of Business. In this episode he shares his entrepreneurial story, tips and advice for other small business owners, and what he enjoys most about being his own boss.

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