Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Podcast Episodes

We released two new episodes of The How of Carwashing podcast today:

Episode 13
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Guest: Jaime Harris
Host: David Begin
Topic: Carwash Chemical Delivery Systems

Jaime is an entrepreneur and the co-founder, President and CEO of carwash equipment manufacturer Hydra-Flex. Jaime summarizes the history of his carwash equipment manufacturing business, and shares his knowledge of chemical deliver system equipment.

Episode 14
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Hosts: Henry Lopez & David Begin
Topic: Ideation - Where do great ideas come from?

Co-hosts Henry Lopez and David Begin discuss Ideation - the process of creating and developing new ideas. How do you develop new business ideas, and then how do you prove and execute that idea to develop and grow a successful carwash business?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hiring Carwash Employees

Three episodes of The How of Carwashing podcast to help you improve your hiring process and retain better employees:

Episode 1
Hiring Part 1 - Recruiting
How to develop and implement a process that attracts the best possible employee candidates for your car wash. 

Episode 3
Hiring Part 2 - Screening
How to effective and efficiently screen applicants to help you select the best employees for your carwash business. 
Episode 9
How to Hire, with Steve Gaudreu
Steve is a carwash industry veteran, and he consults with car wash owners to help them implement the best hiring tools, procedures and practices. 

The How of Carwashing podcast provides practical and actionable tips & techniques for carwash investors, owners, operators and managers.  

Entrepreneurship Conversation with Dan Sullivan

Episode 12
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Guest: Dan Sullivan
Host: David Begin
Topic: Entrepreneurship

Dan Sullivan is an entrepreneur, speaker, business coach and the founder of Strategic Coach. In this episode he shares valuable insights on entrepreneurship, and introduces several skills that all small business owners and entrepreneurs can develop to increase success in business and in life.

David Begin, co-host of The How of Carwashing podcast, has been a client and student of Strategic Coach for many years. 

"Dan Sullivan has a profound influence on me by giving me tools and techniques to help me run my businesses. More importantly, Dan teaches me how to think about my business and personal life in such a way that I am able to take advantage of the benefits and freedoms that come along with business ownership. The community of Strategic Coach clients are a tremendous resource for me and I have made life-long friends in the program. I am in a much better place personally and professionally than I was 6 years ago when I started the program," David explains.

David further shared that, "Dan provides various tools for you and your team to use to develop and manage ideas and projects that come your way. He also provides workshops and tools to help your team members understand the importance of the entrepreneur spending time on the business and not in the business."

Monday, April 24, 2017

Starting a Small Business

Episode 104
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Gary Bizzo
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Start a Successful Business

Gary Bizzo, is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, and author. Gary shares his interesting and diverse background, and his experiences, tips and advice on how to start a successful business the first time.

His latest book is "How to Start a Successful Business - The First Time"

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Improve Your Profits

Episode 105
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Anne Dickinson
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Improve Your Business Profits

Anne Dickinson shares tips & techniques to help you stop the profit leaks that may exist in your small business.

Anne explains the four questions to ask yourself before investing money in your small business: 
  1. Does it directly contribute to revenue generation? Does the proposed investment help you make more money, or it something that has little to no impact on serving your customers?
  2. Do I really need to invest now? Can I delay this investment...for a week, a month, a quarter, or even until next year?
  3. Can the cost be reduced? Can I find a cheaper alternative, buy it used, or lease it?
  4. Is there another way to achieve the same results at a lower cost? Are there alternative solutions that don't cost as much money or leverage an existing investment in my small business?

Monday, April 17, 2017

New Podcast Episodes

Episode 102
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Chris Miles
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Cash Flow for Small Business

How do you improve your Cash Flow management to grow your business and include profitability in your small business? Chris Miles is a "Cash Flow Expert" and our guest on the latest episode of The How of Business podcast show. 

Episode 103
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Kwame Christian
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Negotiation Skills

How can you improve your negotiation skills, which are critical to starting and operating any small business? Kwame Christian is an attorney and negotiation expert. He is our guest on the latest podcast episode.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Car Wash Show

The Car Wash Show had a successful run last week in Las Vegas. This show is the largest car wash industry show in the United States, and is produced by the International Carwash Association (ICA) in partnership with the Automotive Oil Change Association and the Western Carwash Association. 

According to the ICA, "nearly 400 exhibitors and more than 8,100 attendees made this year's Show something to remember. And with more than 70 education sessions, attendees participating in education were sure to take something back to their business."

Henry Lopez and David Begin, founders of Levante Business Group and co-hosts of The How of Carwashing and The How of Business podcasts, attended the show. 

David Begin is also the current President of the International Carwash Association (ICA), and he delivered the informative State of the Carwash Industry address along with ICA CEO Eric Wulf. 

David and Eric shared information on trends and technology currently impacting the carwash industry. In short, the strong economy and significant investor interest in the car washing business is driving continued opportunities. 

During the show Henry and David had an opportunity to visit a sponsor of The How of Carwashing podcast show:

Ryan Cook, Diamond Shine

Diamond Shine offers unsurpassed selection of branded and production chemistry, manufactured in Standard, 2X and Super Concentrates, meeting the needs of all car wash operators. 

Ryan Cook (picture left), was a recent guest on The How of Carwashing podcast. He shared the "5 Factors of Cleaning" for a car wash operation. Listen to the episode here

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Increasing Competition in the Carwash Industry

David Begin, co-host of The How of Carwashing podcast, recently presented at the Southwest Car Wash Association Convention & Expo on the topic of increasing competition in the carwash industry.

Episode 10
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Host: David Begin
Topic: Competition "Quick Talk"

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Starting & Growing a Small Business

Episode 101
The How of Business Podcast
Topic: Starting & Growing a Small Business
Guest: Paul Maskill
Host: Henry Lopez

Paul is an entrepreneur with startup and franchising experience. He shares tips and his experiences with starting a growing a small business and franchise. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Episode 100 - Wendy Knutson Interview

Episode 100
The How of Business Podcast
Topic: CPA Insights for Small Business Owners
Guest: Wendy Knutson, CPA
Host: Henry Lopez

Wendy Knutson, CPA and founder of the Knutson CPA accounting firm, is our guest. She shares valuable accounting insights for all small business owners. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

100 Podcast Episodes Released!

Today we released the 100th episode of The How of Business podcast!

Thanks for your support, and thanks to all of our great guests over the past year.

The How of Business podcast is focused on helping you start, run and grow your small business.

We ask all of our podcast guests for book recommendations. After 100 episodes, here are the top 5 recommended books for small business owners and entrepreneurs

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Carwash Equipment Technology & Trends

Episode 10
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Guest: Chris Andersen
Host: David Begin
Topic: Car Wash Equipment Technology & Trends

In this episode David interviews Chris Andersen, the President and CEO of Mark VII - a manufacturer of carwashing equipment.

Chris shares his interesting journey to the carwash industry. Chris and David also discuss car washing equipment technology and trends, including European carwashing technologies. 

The How of Carwashing podcast is focused on helping you operate an grow your car washing business. This is the carwash podcast for investors, owners, operators and managers of independent washes. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Selling Your Small Business

Episode 99
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: David Barnett
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Selling Your Small Business

David Barnett is an entrepreneur, author of multiple best-selling books, and a small business consultant. David shares his story of becoming his own boss, and tips & advice on buying a small business.

He has some unique, and seemingly contrarian approaches to maximizing the value of your small business.

His latest best-selling book is "How to Sell My Own Business - A Guide to Selling Your Own Business Privately and Not Pay a Broker's Commission."

Monday, April 3, 2017

Video Marketing for Small Business

Episode 98
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Paul Hurley
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Video Marketing

How do you create video content to effectively promote and grow your small business? Can you create a video that goes viral?

Paul Hurley is a business owner, author and social media expert. He is the founder of HandFace, one of the UK’s leading viral content companies. 

His latest book is "The Social Video Handbook".

In this episode of The How of Business, Paul shares his journey to starting his own business, and video content marketing advice for small business owners, and we also discuss the creative process.