Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2 New Carwash Podcast Episodes!

Episode 33
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Host: David Begin
Topic: Splash! 2017 Show Highlights

During the Splash! conference in 2017, David Begin had an opportunity to conduct brief interviews on the show floor with various car wash industry experts, operators and leaders. David also shares additional insights on this event. Splash! is an industry conference conducted by the Western Carwash Association and the International Carwash Association (ICA).

This episode of The How of Carwashing podcast includes brief conversations with Jimmy Starnes with Wash Me Fast, James Anderson with Vantage LED, Chris Wingate with Complete Signs, Jeff Wizer with ICS, Ryan Cook with Diamond Shine, Danka Djordjevic with AVW, and Wayne and Daisy with Benny's Car Wash.

Episode 34
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Hosts: David Begin & Henry Lopez
Topic: Employee Training

In this episode David Begin and Henry Lopez continue their podcast series on the topic of hiring great employees for your carwash business. David & Henry focus on the Initial Employee Training part of the hiring process. Having a thorough and systematic process results in better employees, reduced employee turnover, and the ability to deliver remarkable customer service.

Topics & Questions addressed in this episode include:
What is your process for initial employee training at your wash?
Do you a have an Employee and Operations Planning?
It's critically important that you have an attorney review your Employee Manual, and be sure that it covers the legal items relative to your specific state.
David & Henry share the basic components of an effective training program for your car wash business: The Vision, Safety, Operations, Customers Service, and Management Skills (for shift leaders and site managers).
How do you manage the training process? E-learning platforms are now more common and affordable.

We are working on creating and offering an on-line, self-paced, on-demand learning solution for the car wash industry - more details coming soon!

Monday, November 27, 2017

2 New Podcast Episodes

Episode 163
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Kevin Miller
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Document Management

In this episode we interview Kevin Miller, the Chief Marketing Officer at Neat – a document management company. Kevin shares his insights on software as a service (SAAS) and document management solutions for small business owners.

Episode 164
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Laura Roeder
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Bootstrapping & Social Media

In this episode we interview Laura Roeder, an entrepreneur and founder of MeetEdgar – an online social media automation tool. Laura shares her personal story, from studying advertising, working as a freelance designer, and founding her first social media business. She also shares her experiences with launching and bootstrapping MeetEdgar, and tips and advice for social media for small business owners.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Small Business Bootstrapping

Episode 162
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Connor Gillivan
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Bootstrapping

In this episode we interview Connor Gillivan, an entrepreneur and the co-founder of He shares his life experiences, including his adventures in South Africa and Nicaragua, and valuable tips & advice for bootstrapping a small business - starting with no or very little borrowed money, and instead growing through reinvestment of the profits.

Topics discussed include: Managing Finances, Strategic Planning, Systems & Processes, Hiring the Right Team, Leading & Managing, and building a loyal following of customers.

This episode is sponsored by Lease Smart - helping you negotiate the best terms for your commercial lease space. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Carwash Industry Trends - Part 2

Episode 32
The How of Carwashing
Guest: Eric Wulf
Host: David Begin
Topic: Carwash Industry Trends

In this episode we interview Eric Wulf, CEO of the International Carwash Association (ICA). He discusses current trends in the carwash industry with co-host David Begin. This is part 2 of Eric's interview.

Topics discussed in this episode include:
  • The future of the car washing business.
  • Industry Consolidation - what is the potential impact on my carwash business?
  • Standardization - process, systems and more for carwashes.
  • Auto Technology and Autonomous Vehicles
This episode of The How of Carwashing is sponsored by Focused Car Wash Solutions.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Scaling Your Small Business

Episode 161
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Joe Kashurba
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Scaling Your Business

In this episode we interview Joe Kashurba, an entrepreneur and the founder of Kashurba Web Design Group. He shares his entrepreneurial experiences, and practical tips & advice on how to scale a small business.

Some of the questions Joe addresses in this episode include: 

  • What are some of the key things you have learned about scaling a small business?
  • How important is focus (working on just one business idea at a time)?
  • What did you have to learn about successfully transitioning from a solopreneur (freelancer) to an entrepreneur?
  • How do you determine when to "invest" in additional staffing to support the projected growth in your business?
  • How did you go from selling $300 websites to selling $30,000 websites?
  • What are the biggest mistakes that small business owners make when it comes to growing their business?
  • What advice do you have for young people who are interested in entrepreneurship?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Entrepreneurial Brain Pickings

Episode 160
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Daniel Gefen
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Entrepreneurship

In this episode we interview Daniel Gefen, an entrepreneur, mentor, podcaster, writer and professional brain picker. He shares his fascinating life journey, and his insights and observations on entrepreneurship.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Podcasting to Grow Your Small Business

Episode 159
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Nick Palkowski
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Podcasting

In this episode we interview Nick Palkowski, a business owner and podcaster. He shares his life experiences and journey to entrepreneurship. He also shares tips & advice for using podcasts to help you grow your small business.

This episode of The How of Business is sponsored by Lease Smart.
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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The How of Carwashing - Episode 31

Episode 31
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Guest: Eric Wulf
Host: David Begin
Topic: Car Wash Industry Trends

Carwash industry trends with Eric Wulf and David Begin. 

Eric is CEO of the International Carwash Association (ICA). He discusses current trends in the carwash industry with co-host David Begin.

The International Carwash Association (ICA) is the nonprofit trade group representing the retail and supply segments of the car wash industry in North America and around the globe. 

Topics discussed include:
Mega trends in the Carwash Industry
History of the car washing
Is a car wash an impulse or convenience purchase?
New sources of capital fueling expansion in the industry
What do the Dutch know about the carwash customer experience?

David Begin is the host of this episode of The How of Carwashing show – helping you operate and grow your carwashing business.