Monday, July 30, 2018

1-Page Marketing Plan

Episode 199
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Allan Dib
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: 1-Page Marketing Plan

1-Page Marketing plan for your small business with Allan Dib. Allan is a serial entrepreneur, marketing and technology expert, small business coach, and author. He shares his background and his practical approach to marketing for small business owners with his 1-Page Marketing Plan. 

Allan is passionate about helping small businesses find new and innovative ways to leverage technology and marketing to facilitate rapid business growth. His book is "The 1-Page Marketing Plan - Get New Customers, Make More Money, and Stand Out From The Crowd".

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Green Car Wash

Episode 51
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Guest: Rob Madrid
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Green Car Wash

A “Green” car wash – how and why with Rob Madrid. Rob is an entrepreneur and experienced car wash industry professional. He shares his interesting background, and the benefits of operating a "green" or environmentally friendly car wash and how they market and communicate this focus to their customers.

Rob is the co-owner of Gleam Carwash in Denver, Colorado. He also founded Wash Guru, which offers services to people looking to open carwashes and operators looking to grow existing car wash businesses.

This episode of The How of Carwashing podcast is sponsored by the Carwash Operating System - the Task & Maintenance Management solution for your car wash. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Influence & Authority

Episode 198
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Josh Elledge
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Influence & Authority

Building Influence & Authority to grow your small business with Josh Elledge. Josh is a serial entrepreneur and an expert on using influence and authority to grow a small business. 

Josh shares his long journey to success as a small business owner, and tips & advice on how to grow our influence and authority. Josh is a U.S. Navy veteran, a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and he launched to help turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities - increasing their authority, influence, and revenue. He also started which has grossed more than $6 million in sales with less than $500 in advertising.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Young Entrepreneur

Episode 197
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Marc Guberti
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Young Entrepreneurship

Young Entrepreneurship and Online Marketing for small business with Marc Guberti. Marc is an entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He shares his story of entrepreneurship at an early age, and specific tips for online marketing for small business owners. 

Marc is an entrepreneur, author, blogger, podcaster, coach, educator and college student! Marc is an accomplished young man who began his entrepreneurial journey when he was a teenager. He is the author of several books, including "27 Ways to Get More Retweets on Twitter" and one of his latest, "Content Marketing Secrets - How to Create, Promote, and Optimize Your Content for Growth and Revenue." Marc is also the host of the Breakthrough Success Podcast, with 182 episodes released and counting (5 episodes per week!).

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fixing vs Solving Problems

Episode 50
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Hosts: David Begin & Henry Lopez
Topic: Problem Solving

Fixing a problem compared to actually solving the problem. In a small business, we are constantly challenged with problems that must be addressed. For various reasons, we often rely on quick fixes as opposed to truly addressing the root cause or problem. How can we improve this to improve efficiency and productivity in our small businesses? 

This episode of The How of Carwashing podcast is sponsored by Hi-Performance Wash Systems

Monday, July 9, 2018

Small Business Insurance

Episode 196
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Doug Groves
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Insurance

Protect your business with Insurance – what do you need to cover yourself and your assets? Doug Groves, is our guest. He is a small business owner and highly experienced commercial insurance professional. He shares how he got into the insurance industry and valuable tips & advice about commercial insurance for small business owners. Is your insurance coverage more attractive than your business assets?

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Prosperity Mindset

Episode 195
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Joan Sotkin
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Prosperity Mindset

It’s never about the money, it’s about your mindset. A Prosperity Mindset is the holistic way to grow your small business. Joan Sotkin is our guest. She is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author and podcaster. We discuss Joan's insights on developing a Prosperity Mindset to help you grow you small business and make more money! She believes that there is nothing wrong with you, and they what you really need is not more money but instead for people in your life. 

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