Friday, November 30, 2018

Commercial Insurance

Episode 60
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Guest: Doug Groves
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Insurance

Commercial Insurance for car wash business owners with Doug Groves. Doug is a small business owner and highly experienced commercial insurance professional. He shares how he got into the insurance industry and valuable tips & advice about insurance for carwash business owners. Do you have the protection you need for your car wash business? What are your liability exposures? Learn the basics, and some important questions to ask, about your car wash business exposure and how to protect yourself. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Social Media Basics

Episode 218
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Adam Kirk
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Social Media

Social Media Marketing for small business with Henry Lopez and Adam Kirk. Their conversation includes an introduction to social media marketing. Social Media is here to stay, and it's about building effective relationships, getting feedback, and building your brand. Henry and Adam review the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Conversational Copywriting

Episode 217
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Nick Usborne
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Conversational Copywriting

Conversational Copy Writing for your small business with Nick Usborne, an expert in copywriting and web writing. He shares his personal story about becoming a copy writer, and how to improve your copy writing skills to make your online content more effective for your small business. When his book, "Net Words", was published in 2002, it was one of the very first to address the new profession of writing for the web.

Friday, November 16, 2018

SEO Basics

Episode 216
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Adam Kirk
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small business owners. Adam and Henry share practical tips and advice on how to get your small business website found.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Episode 59
The How of Carwashing Podcast
Guest: Diane Gardner
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Tax Update

Tax Law Update with Diane Gardner, a Certified Tax Coach and an expert at helping small business owners take full advantage of the tax laws. She shares specific examples of how the recent changes to the tax law will impact your car wash business this year, and what you can do to take advantage of the changes and avoid potential issues. As a certified tax coach, she offers a FREE tax analysis for those interested in finding out if they are overpaying their income taxes.

This episode of The How of Carwashing podcast is sponsored by NoPileups - increase your car wash production and prevent costly accidents with their collision avoidance system.
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Monday, November 12, 2018

Instagram Marketing

Episode 215
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Viv & Tash
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Instagram Marketing

Instagram for small business marketing with Viv Conway and Tash Meys, two millennial entrepreneurs and Instagram marketing experts. They share their journey, including starting a business while still in college. We chat about their views as millennial business owners, and how they are helping small business owners use Instagram for marketing. 

Their current business is Ace The Gram, and they are the hosts of the "Ace the Gram" podcast show.

This episode is brought to you by the "Stroke of Genius" podcast show. A free on-demand audio show that explores every day inventions and discovers how they came to be. 
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Monday, November 5, 2018

Bullseye Marketing

Episode 214
The How of Business Podcast
Guest: Louis Gudema
Host: Henry Lopez
Topic: Bullseye Marketing 

Targeted cost-effective marketing tactics for small business owners with Louis Gudema. Louis is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and author. 

He shares his entrepreneurial journey, and then we discuss highlights from his new book, "Bullseye Marketing - How to Grow Your Business Faster." Louis introduces the bullseye approach to marketing - allowing for fast results for small business owners by specifically leveraging inexpensive marketing tools and techniques. He explains the three phases, or rings of the bullseye, that are essential to effective small business marketing.

This episode of The How of Business podcast is brought to you by "Stroke of Genius", a great new podcast that explores every day inventions and how they came to be. 
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